Black Fungus Extract

Item No.: Black Fungus Extract 10:1
Dielegance Biotechnology is a wholesale bulk supplier of black fungus extract powder.
Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder
Particle Size: 80 mesh
Spec.: 10:1
Price: To be discussed
Supply Ability: 5000K/week
Description Certificate of Analysis Health Benefits
Auricularia auricula is commonly known as Judas's ear fungus or Jew's Ear. It has been used for centuries in China, particularly to cure hemorrhoids and strengthen the body. Sometimes it is also used to treat hemoptysis, angina, diarrhea, and ward against gastrointestinal upset. Auricularia Auricula is not only born full term the elegant demeanor for the cooked food, but also can raise the blood to be stationed in the face, recovers from an illness and live a long life. The modern nutritionist highly praises the auricularia auricula is in the element meat, its nutritional value may compare favorably with animalistic food.

Functions & Applications:

1. Auricularia Auricula polysaccharides have anti-inflammatory activity, which correlates with its traditional use for soothing irritated or inflamed mucous membranes.
2. Auricularia Auricula extracts show strong anti-oxidant properties with a positive correlation between levels of phenols and anti-oxidant capacity.
3. Auricularia Auricula Polysaccharide extracts inhibit platelet aggregation and increase clotting times both in-vitro (in the test-tube) and in-vivo (in the organism). Its anticoagulant activity was due to catalysis of thrombin inhibition by antithrombin.
4. Auricularia Auricula polysaccharides have been shown to lower blood total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides and LDL (The bad, low-density cholesterol) levels and enhance the level of blood HDL (The good high-density cholesterol).

Quick Details:

Product Name

Black Fungus Extract

CAS No./ Latin Name

Auricularia auricula(L.ex Hook.)Underw

Part Used

Fruiting Body



Active Ingredients



Brown Yellow


Fine Powder







Shelf Life

2 Years under Proper Storage




Dielegance Biotechnology implements tracking system in every production stage, which includes incoming materials, stocks, production, finished goods, washing cycles and equipments. All ingredients are controlled by an advanced quality standard that ensures full traceability of color, flavor, odor, assay, sieve size, heavy metals, PAHs, pesticide residue and microbiology. With our expertise in sourcing new raw materials, we aim to facilitate your innovations and introduce new products in the market.

Dielegance Biotechnology is a black fungus extract powder bulk wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China for several years.

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Health Benefits of Black Fungus Extract Powder

Auricularia is one of the oldest and most popular edible mushrooms in Asia and has been cultivated for over 1,500 years. What is known as the Jew's ear mushroom is very mild and is thus valued in Europe for its components more than its flavour. These mushrooms have a jelly-like consistency and an ear- or shell-shaped fruiting body.
Auricularia auricula judae is rich in minerals such as potassium, silicon, iron, calcium and magnesium. The mushroom also contains B vitamins, proteins, glycoproteins, polysaccharides and secondary components. Polysaccharides, which include beta-D-glucans, are a further component.
Other names: Jew’s ear, black Chinese fungus, wood fungus, Mu Err, Jelly fungus, Auricularia auricular
Heart Health
Wood Ear Mushrooms are rich in B complex vitamins and many other bio-active compounds such as polysaccharides that improve heart function. According to a study published in “Mycobiology”, it helps to keep cholesterol levels in check and decreased the atherogenic index by 40 percent. This is a measure used to predict the risk of heart disease and plaque build-up in the arteries.
Powerfully Antioxidant
The Wood Ear Mushroom is exceptionally antioxidant rich. Its antioxidant activity has been found to be beneficial in preventing the development of degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. A 2013 study published in the “International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms” found that consumption of raw or cooked Wood Ear Mushrooms could protect the brain against these two debilitating conditions.
Immune Boosting
β-glucan exopolysaccharides obtained from Wood Ear Mushrooms have immunostimulatory properties. They enhance the activity of phagocytes - immune cells that protect the body by ingesting harmful foreign particles, bacteria, and dead or dying cells.
Digestive Health
Wood Ear Mushrooms are rich in pre-biotic fibres in the form of beta glucans. These are indigestible fibres that promote the growth of good bacteria (probiotics), in the microbiome. Prebiotic foods are immensely supportive to digestive health, improve metabolic health and can help to boost the immune system.


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